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The Basics

HeyToday is an experiment shaped by these values:

By January 27, 2021March 4th, 2021No Comments

HeyToday (the missing link in productivity software) is an experiment shaped by the following values:

Do a few things, consistently.

John Maxwell. Other interesting perspectives are Shape & Range.

Don’t use people to solve business problems

Seth Godin, this is marketing. Plus a bunch of other experiences as a product designer where it feels like so many distractions and other agendas cloud what could be a really great product.

Don’t Make It Easy

I’m a designer. We love reducing friction to make experiences better. But sometimes a little friction helps you better understand and appreciate things. Cooking a dinner takes more effort than ordering, but are you not more aware and appreciative of what it is made of.

Stronger Better, Faster & the school.

You are the collection of your habits

James Clear has my favorite book on habits and productivity. He provides a helpful framework and understanding that will help you create habits that stick and be more of the person you want to be. He also has my favorite weekly email.

The Importance of Time Managment

Make Time is another great practicaly and enjoyable read from some people I really respect.

Start With Why

Why you do something is so much more important than how good you are at organizing your time. If you don’t care, you will ultimately outsmart yourself and avoid doing whatever is on your checklist. This was one of the first game changing books that I read. The first time that I resonated with a message at this level. People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. I’m not building a product so I can make a bunch of money (though it would be nice if that happened). I’m not building a product, then coming up with a drip marketing campaign where I need to create content all with the intent to get you to buy. Rather, I found a tool that helped me. It is not for the majority of people. But some people, it will really help. And seeing if I can build something that really helps just a few people, well that just makes me giddy.