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The Basics

Productivity Tools: The missing link.

By January 27, 2021March 4th, 2021No Comments

I love productivity tools. Love them!

I use Notion for

Things 3 is amazing because

Alfred helps me

Calendars are a little tricky, but still helpful

The Breakdown

Every Saturday, I review quartly goals in Notion, take a look in Things to see what tasks are on my horizon. I pick out an unrealistially high amount of tasks, somehow having a renewed optimism (even though I’m easily critical) that this week I’ll actually get to all (or even most of them). Then, I find the item on my list I want to do most and jump to whatever sounds the most fun next. By the end of the day, my list usually looks nearly the same.

But I felt so productive! That morning, it felt great to think of all the things I was going to do. That feeling is fun, but deceptive. Doing a few things consistently is actually really hard. Pretending that I am going to do something is fun, and easy. So I add another item to my list… and continue pushing the deadline back.

But when I actually have to realize the time it takes to doing something, and more accuratly answer the question of when can I do this, it is a much more tangible and likely to happen plan.

How it started

I tried a habit tracker. I tried pen & paper. I tried making this cool bead board thing where I’d reward myself for doing a few things consistently. And all these work for many people, if you havnt, try these basically free options. But it wasnt working for me, until…

One day I used to build each day out in sketch