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You are likely familiar with the rocks and glass illustration (made popular by Stephen Covey). He explains that the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

Do what matters each day, with a digital day planner.

Most task management apps (many of which I love) help you see all the rocks, big and small. Great for making sure all your responsibilities are accounted for, but not so great for planning an effective day.

I regularly found one of these scenarios interfering with my productivity:

  • I’d look at my list and become overwhelmed with everything I needed to do.
  • I’d get overly excited about a specific item, ignoring other more important tasks.
  • I’d expend too much creative energy in the morning on ‘small rocks’ leaving myself drained when it came to a ‘big rock’.

Hey Today is a Digital Day Planner App, helping you do what matters, one day at a time.

Hey Today helps you by allowing you to visually represent how much time a task is likely to take AND when you have time in your day to get different tasks done.

Maybe you have better focus in the morning, but have important tasks that can be done anytime. With Hey Today, you can have peace of mind that time is budgeted later for those important tasks, allowing you to still get your high focus flow work done in the morning.

So this fancy “digital day planner” you speak of… I think you mean a calendar.

Well maybe. Honestly, it is pretty darn close to a calendar. In fact when I was first building this app, I tried using both paper and digital calendars. It did not work for me, but it might for you!

Original Hey Today Designs
☝ Original Hey Today Designs

Ultimately, it wasn’t until I started manually building may days using a design tool which allowed me to visually represent duration, that I found my days to be more organized and effective.

If you feel like your tasks are well organized, but your days keep slipping away, give Hey Today for macOS a look.